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Everything you need to know about mortgage

İpotek hakkında bilmeniz gereken her şey  Herkesin konut sahibi olma hakkı vardır. Az birikmiş veya hiç birikimi olmayan ve konut kredisi olan bir ev almayı planlayan herkese ışık tutmak için bilgi derledik. Cem ile doğrudan iletişime geçin İpotek hakkında bilmeniz gereken her şey Kira ödemekten bıkan kişiler, önce konut yatırımı yapmak isteyenler satın almak isterler. […]

10-Way Guidelines for First Time Credit Card Users

In my previous article I tried to explain what is a credit card and what is not. For the first time this time, I wanted to prepare this paper as a guide for everyone who will get a credit card and start using credit cards for the first time. In this article, you will be […]

How to Buy Ethereum?

In the first months of the last year, the crypto currencies rose to mind. Now, the figures fell to mind again. Ethereum was one of the crypto currencies most hit by this decline. Ethereum had a great potential, although its value never reached $ 20,000 like Bitcoin, and showed its potential by reaching $ 1,200 […]

What is the Maximum Credit Card Limit?

This limit limit stems from the fact that the students do not have income documentation and they do not have credit notes. Let us clarify some credit rating. The credit rating is a scoring system based on factors such as debt and current credit limits, especially the payment habits of individuals. Once a person starts […]

Venezuelan Economy and the Country’s Crypto Money Plans

The country continued to stagnate since 2002 and was ranked # 1 in the misery index with the death of Chavez in 2013. The poverty index is calculated by taking into account the unemployment and inflation factors. The Venezuelan economy is in the grip of the currency, the bolívar. It is estimated that inflation in […]

How to Buy Bitcoin?

It is not easy to buy Bitcoin, rather than hard to think, it is quite easy. Today we are looking at step-by-step how to get Bitcoin from the popular crypto money exchange Bitlo. Author Berk Bolat – 7 December 2018 Most traders use crypto money exchange exchanges to buy and sell any crypto currency such […]

Four Types of Economic Systems You Should Know

As you know, there are countless economies in the world. They all have unique features in themselves, but they still share some common features. In this way, we can collect economies under four main headings; traditional economies, command economies, market economies and mixed economies. All of my economic systems are based on different expectations and […]